气动平衡 -一个pneumatic system that delivers adequate pressure to counter the weight of the slide, slide attachments, drive members, and upper die.

自动终端 -Ťhe point at which an electrical conductor in an electrical component ends and forms a connection with other external circuits. Spade terminals are the most common type of terminals found in automobiles.

乙ar Coding –Ťhe process of tagging packaged parts for identification using machine-readable numeric, alphanumeric, or symbolic data-capture technology.

桶翻滚 -一个deburring process that involves placing metal components in a rotating barrel along with an abrasive material. The rotary action allows the media to work against the metal surface to remove undesirable imperfections.

乙dC/Bottom Dead Center –一个term used to describe the location of the press when it is aligned at the bottom of its stroke.

床 -静止和刚性结构,典型地由金属构成,向其中承梁的金属冲压设备板连接。yabo幸运28

床靠垫 -性A板或垂直移动板的系列安装在印刷机的垫板的下方。缓冲有助于控制压边力调节金属流动。

弯曲半径 -Ťhe radius of a bent pipe, tube, sheet, or cable measured from the inside curvature. It can also be defined as the minimum radius that an element can bend without kinking or sustaining damage.

弯曲释放 -一个notch, or small cut, located at the point where the bend end meets the free edge. This allows bending to be performed without tearing or distorting the material.

弯曲 -一个forming process that involves the angular displacement of a metal sheet. Bends may be V-, U- or channel-shaped.

乙lank –从切割,冲压,或剪切坯材的片材或带材而获得的特征的工件。空白通常经过进一步的制造过程中创造的最终产品。

乙lanking –Ťhe process of die cutting, punching, or shearing the outside contours of a workpiece from a sheet or strip of stock material.

垫板 -一个solid metal plate, or block, mounted to the top side of the press bed. The bolster plate serves as a stable support structure for the bottom portion of the die.

乙ow Distortion –畸变像的形状的relative deflection near the center of the material is greater than its sides.

支架制造 -Ťhe act of utilizing various metal forming processes to create structural or decorative metal brackets.

制动 -一种摩擦操作机构用于阻止压制,饲料,或其他制造过程或工具的运动。

爆发 -切割边缘,其中已分离的材料的断裂或剪切应力后发生的横截面的所述部分已经被超过。

乙urn Mark –在材料发生与焊接电极接触的结果自然变色。

乙urr –一个rough, sharp, or protruding edge left on a metal workpiece as a result of action by a tool or machine. Burrs normally appear as a result of drilling, shearing, punching, and/or blanking.

乙urr Direction –毛刺的角方向由工具射出角度所识别。

无毛刺 -一个术语用于描述机械加工的金属工件,而不粗糙,锋利,或突出的边缘。

毛刺高度 -Ťhe vertical distance between the ideal workpiece edge and the highest point of the burr on the surface of a material.

伯尔侧翻 -当切削工具离开材料A型毛刺的产生。在切割动作,材料在弯曲芯片的形状向外推。


Cam Actuated –一个术语用于描述由对象(凸轮)的旋转动作控制的机制。

容量 -重量,力,或压力冲压机或滑动工具可以在其行程的端部安全地发挥的最大额定量。

Chain Dimensioning –一个drafting method where adjacent linear dimensions are measured from each other without any gaps between the dimension lines.

钳标志 -由于压力库存材料的边缘附近产生轻微的凹痕从夹紧装置施加。

离合器 -一种装置,用于接合或脱离所述驱动机构(轴或轮)和从动构件之间的连接。离合器可以自动或手动操作。

卷料供给 -一个system where material is delivered to the stamping equipment from cylindrically wound sheets or strips.

铸币 -一个form of stamping whereby a workpiece is subjected to high compressive pressures which force the metal to flow in and around the die to adopt a specific shape.

Cold Forging –金属成形过程,由此,直到它流进并假设模具的形状的压缩力施加至工件。这种技术被如此命名是因为形成在或接近室温的温度下发生。

Compound Die –的冲压工具,其刺穿,坯件,并形成坯材在一个冲程。

Concentricity –维属性用于描述两个或铁道部e objects that share a common center. Typically used in reference to round or circular shapes.

Connection Points –的支撑点连接所述滑动到冲压机的上传动系。

连杆 -刚性构件,可提供从旋转的曲柄或曲轴的力和传递运动到另一个构件,例如活塞,幻灯片或杠杆。

Continuous –冲压其中压力机,幻灯片,和其他设备不间断地运行,用于一个特定的时间周期的模式。

CSD(连续点播) -一个mode of operation where the press is automatically run without interruption based on input from upstream or downstream processes. The press will run constantly until a signal is received to instruct it otherwise.

Controls –德vices that regulate the operation of machinery. Controls can be either automatically or manually actuated.

Corner –Ťhe location, area, or region where two sides or edges converge.

Corner Radius –弯管,管,片材,或电缆的外部曲率半径。

Counter Balance –抵消滑动,滑动附件,和驱动部件的质量的系统。的平衡力提供的由气动缸-有助于消除力逆转和冲击负荷在压行程的终点。

Counterboring –所述的加工或精压操作,其中一个平底孔扩大另一同心孔。锪通常用于其中一个紧固件需要是与工件的表面齐平。

Countersinking –一个machining or coining operation where a conical hole enlarges and bevels the rim of a drilled hole. Countersinking is typically used where a screw, nail, or bolt is required to be flush with the surface of the workpiece.

Crimping –Ťhe process of joining two pieces of metal together by deforming one of them such that it clamps or grips the other.

累积公差 -Ťhe progressive accumulation of tolerances from several operations.

冰壶 -Ťhe process of forming the edges of sheet metal into a circular cross-section by bending it around a shell or tube.

自定义组件 -Components put together based on a customer’s unique specifications using standard or non-standard parts and techniques.

定制衬套 -ñon-standard metal bushings manufactured to customer-specific requirements.

自定义剪辑 -制造客户的特定要求非标金属夹。

Custom Metal Brackets –ñon-standard metal brackets manufactured to customer-specific requirements.

Custom Metal Stamping Die –的冲压模具专门用于生产定制的,非标准的金属部件和组件的创建。

Custom Metal Stampings –ñon-standard metal parts or components produced to customer-specific requirements by the action of a press operation or series of operations.

Custom Shields –制造客户的特定要求非标盖罩。

Clip Manufacturing –Ťhe act of utilizing various metal forming processes to create structural or decorative metal clips.

Cylinders –包含用于抗衡滑动,滑动附件,驱动构件,和上模的质量压缩空气气动储罐。


数据- - - - - -一个theoretical fixed starting point used as a basis for locating other design features on a drawing.

去毛刺 -Ťhe act of removing sharp, rough, or protruding edges from a metal workpiece.

德dicated Tooling –一个machining tool created specifically for the production of a unique part or component.

德ep Drawing –的成形方法,其中的金属坯件在径向上通过冲压工具的压缩作用被吸入模具的空腔中。深拉是适于形成圆筒形或箱形的对象。

德flection –水平或垂直偏离量的在机器零件或构件经历当施加的力。偏转通常由标准参考点处测量。

死 -一个tool used in metal stamping to form, draw, pierce, or cut a sheet metal stock to create the form for a specific part or component. The plural form, dies, is commonly used to describe the complete assembly consisting of an upper and lower element.

die Block –置工具或按压构件之间插入的金属支柱支撑滑动件和上模的重量。修理或维护时,按模具模块通常被用来作为一种安全措施。块逮捕在于,制动或平衡故障的情况下的上模具的运动。

die Clearance –Ťhe amount of space between the cutting edge of the punch and the die opening.

die Cushion –一个n accessory that provides an opposing motion or counterforce to aid in the forming and release of the workpiece. Die cushions are typically pneumatic, but they may also be comprised of hydraulic systems, rubber, and springs. They may also be used for several operations including blank holding, uniform pressure regulation, knockout, etc.

die Height –Ťhe distance measured from the bottom face of the ram or slide to the top of the bolster when the slide is positioned at the bottom of its stroke (bottom dead center/BDC).

die Marks –划痕,凹陷,刨削等引起的工件上的管芯或模具的动作。

模具保护 -一个system of protective measures, including proximity sensors, used to monitor the operation of the tooling, reducing the risk of heavy impacts and crashes due to equipment malfunction.

分配台 -Ťhe component of the press lubrication system used to dispense oil/grease to the relevant areas of the equipment.

draw Die –一个tool that forms flat sheet metal blanks by applying a compressive pressure that causes the material to flow or stretch into the die cavity and over the punch.

drawing –金属加工方法,其中施加拉伸力或压缩力引起的金属板或棒料至拉伸至期望的形状和厚度。这通常是通过具有较小的横截面的模头迫使金属来实现。

ductility –的金属的能力的量度被弯曲,拉伸或以其他方式而不显示其断裂塑性极限内变形。


Ëccentric –(1) A term used to describe a support location, rotational axis, or any other relevant point that is not at the object’s geometric center. (2) The offset of a shaft or gear that provides the reciprocating sliding movement of the press.

Ëdge Bulge –A型的形成过程,如穿孔,插入和焊接,存在太靠近工件的边缘导致的变形的。

Ëdge-to-Feature –Ťhe linear geometrical distance from the edge of a part to a specific feature.

磨边/轧边 -Curling the edge of a metal component into a circular cross-section. Edge rolling is typically used to remove sharp and dangerous burrs.

压纹 -使用模具或金属模具的系列,以产生在金属工件上的凸起或凹陷的图案的过程。

Ë[RP小号ystem –一个cronym for Enterprise Resource Planning. A category of business management software tools and applications used by organizations to collect, store, manage, and analyze data related to business operations. ERP systems are essential in automating and increasing the efficiency of stamping and fabrication processes.

Ëxtrusion –的成形技术,其中压力是通过一个模具用来力库存材料以产生期望的横截面轮廓。


特征到特征 -Ťhe linear geometrical dimension between two specific features on a formed part or component.

Feed Units –一个n accessory used for delivering the workpiece to the press or removing it from the press.

精冲 -一个specialized type of blanking that fully penetrates the metal before the blank is released. This form of blanking produces no fracture zone and significantly reduces burrs and other imperfections.

Fixture –一个specific type of tooling used to locate and hold parts and components in position.

法兰 -平坦突出的金属成分的一部分,通常在一个边,衣领,或肋的形式。凸缘通常用于增加金属型材的强度或刚度。

Flat or Matte –一个surface finish that is generally flat and dull; thus displaying no gloss when viewed at any angle.

飞轮 -一个component that constantly rotates when the press motor is energized. The flywheel stores and releases energy during the nonworking and working portions of the press cycle respectively. The rotational energy or inertia helps prevent excessive or sudden changes in speed.

飞轮制动 -一种机制用于停止一个飞轮的运动。它是进入模头区域之前通常啮合的安全装置。

Forging –Ťhe process of forming or shaping a metal object using a series of localized impact or compressive forces. The forces are typically delivered using a hammer or die and can be performed at room or elevated temperatures.

形成标签 -在从它的身体角度A的金属工件弯曲的相对小的部分。

成型 -一个general term used to describe the process of converting a blank, featureless workpiece into a specific three dimensional part.

基金会 -Ťhe structural element which transfers the load from the pressing equipment to the ground. The foundation may simply be a concrete slab or a specialized concrete structure depending on the total weight of the equipment.

四个滑动冲压 -一个horizontal stamping process where the tools strike and form the workpiece from four orthogonal directions.


盖奇 -计的替代拼写。

Gauge –(1) An instrument used for measuring and testing purposes; (2) A non-linear numerical scale used for quantifying metal thicknesses.

GIBS -Ťhe stamping press component that guides the motion of the slide to ensure straightness and parallelism. Gibs can be adjusted to achieve adequate clearances when compensating for excessive wear.

围棋/不通过式量具 -的检查用量规用于确定具体的工件是否是可允许的公差范围内。

Gouge –(1)表面缺陷的A型,典型地深于划痕,具有凸起的边缘。(2)雕刻或从工件上去除小块金属的的行为。

Grain Direction –(1) The alignment of the crystalline structure in a metal component resulting from the mill’s rolling process. Grains typically run parallel to the roll direction.

Grinding –Ťo gradually remove material via a constant abrasive action.


半剪切 -Ťo partially penetrate a material to about ½ its thickness.

硬模 -工装created specifically for the production of a specific part or component. Also known as dedicated tooling.

Hem (Dutch Bend) –一个method of edge conditioning where a portion of the material near the edge is folded onto itself. Hemming is typically used to increase edge stiffness and remove sharp or rough edges.

压紧标志 -可能出现由于压力的结果的材料的表面上的较小的曝光或凹痕从保持下拉器件施加。

Hole Rollover –在刺穿材料的边缘由于金属的塑性变形产生的圆形轮廓。当冲头刺穿金属,在孔的上方的材料中所施加的力的方向流动。

Hole-to-Form –Ťhe linear geometrical distance from the edge of a hole or opening to the inside edge of a formed feature.

Hole-to-Hole –Ťhe linear geometrical distance between the centers of two holes or openings.

Hydraulic Press –一个machine that applies pressure hydraulically to cut, bend, or otherwise form a workpiece via tools and dies operated by slides.


点动 -一个n operating mode whereby a series of incremental motions are used to adjust a set of dies and tools. Inching is used to precisely control the slide and other working members of the press.

检验标准 -一个set of parameters by which a finished part or component will be assessed and evaluated.

我 - 新闻 -用于机械压力机和液压机的电子和自动化印刷机控制系统。该系统允许运营商以电子方式提取作业数据,远离其他项目等监控加压操作,下载数据

熨烫 -甲金属板材成形方法,其中,工件的厚度被均匀地降低。


Ĵust-in-Time (JIT) Inventory –一个n inventory management system that involves procuring parts and raw materials from suppliers to align with production schedules—materials arrive as close as possible to when they are actually needed. JIT Inventory helps companies increase efficiency, decrease waste, and reduce inventory storage costs.


接头 -A型冲压机的该发送经由由曲轴和连接的装置进行操作的铰接销(指关节)机制迫使到滑动。该系统是理想的压印,压印,挤压,和修整。


大号ancing –一个piercing or slitting operation in which the workpiece is sheared and bent to create a pocket-shaped opening in the metal sheet. Lancing modifies the geometry of the workpiece without removing any material

大号ead Frame –到半导体的过程中,电子封装工艺附着薄的金属结构。

大号eft-Right-Front-Back –Ťerm used to describe the orientation of the main shaft and other drive shafts in a mechanical power press.

交货时间 -的制造过程的开始和结束之间的持续时间。

大号ink Motion –一个modified motion produced when the slide connections are driven by a crankshaft, eccentric shaft, or eccentric gears. Link motions can produce constant velocity, fast approach, or slowdown through the working part of the press stroke.


歧管 -一个drilled steel block with several branches or openings used to regulate or direct the flow of high-pressure fluids in a hydraulic system.

中号aster Die –用于盛装可更换刀具系统的通用插座。

金属衬套 -一个cylindrical hole lining or casing designed to reduce vibrational friction and wear.

中号etal Pressing –使用液压,气动,或机械动力压机切割,成型或组装金属部件和组件的行为。

金属冲压件 -Ťhe final components produced by the action of a press operation, or series of operations, on a metal workpiece.

中号etal Stamping –(1)一种通用术语用于指一个功率按压操作。通过按压操作的动作,或一系列操作,在金属工件(2)产生的组件。

中号etal Thinning –成形操作过程中减少金属工件的厚度的处理。

中号odel –Preliminary sample of a product used to assess and analyze a design concept. A model is sometimes referred to as a prototype.

中号[RP小号ystem –一个cronym for Material Requirements Planning. A type of inventory control system (usually software-based) used to manage and streamline a company’s manufacturing processes.

多个幻灯片新闻 -使用两个或更多个同步滑动动作的压榨求取从不同方向工件。

多面机 -一个machine that employs multiple synchronized sliding actions to strike and form the workpiece from different directions.


嵌套 -(1) To stack or fit one object into another. (2) To group or array multiple parts on a single sheet in an effort to conserve material.

ñibble Marks Notching –中号inor irregularities near the edge of a stock surface following the punching operations of a turret press.


Øcean Shipping –Ťo package and transport finished products to a specific destination via sea freight.

Øverload –其中液压,气动,或机械压力机施加超过其容量的力的条件。过载保护系统通常到位,以防止损坏印刷机。


Parts Shute –用于直接件从工作区的部分金属切成指定区域的设备。

Penetration –Ťhe depth at which material is cut through exertion of a force, prior to the occurrence of material breakout.

Perpendicularity –程度上的特定零件或特征形式与指定的基准的90度角,其分。

穿孔 -Ťhe creation of openings, such as holes and slots, via shearing or punching.

Pilot Holes –小号mall diameter holes which are pierced in the metal prior to enlargement by a larger punch.

捏修剪 -删除/从成品部件切去多余金属的过程。在金属修整结果被留与外部毛刺和减薄的边缘。

Pitman –刚性连接构件使旋转和往复元件如曲柄和滑块之间的运动传递。

Plunger Guide –A型连接的它提供非旋转吨位到滑动,从而吸收推力和抵消偏心载荷。相比pitmen当柱塞引导连接是更精确的。

Pneumatic Die Cushion –利用气动压力附件的附件,以产生在形成过程中所要求的反作用力。它通常由一个缸活塞,压力板,和其他元素,典型地与压机的使用。

P中号P(Preventative Maintenance Program) –一个schedule that is predetermined and implemented to provide regular and required maintenance checks on equipment to minimize the probability of failure and associated downtime.

防错 -因为它们发生这保证了在产品质量通过检查,检测和缺陷校正的系统。

PPAP -生产件批准程序(PPAP)是一个质量管理系统,帮助制造商和供应商沟通,审核,审批流程和程序,在产品设计周期的所有阶段。

模具的精密零件 -Ťools that are utilized in the manufacture of industry-specific items; for example, automotive parts to meet requisite high-quality and cost standards.

级进模 -它们布置在一行上的部分执行若干操作两个或更多个冲模工位,具有一个单一的操作通常在每个位置进行。

Progressive Die Stamping –一个widely used process in which metal is cut and formed using different dies located at separate stamping stations that undertake one or more continuous procedures on the part.

Progressive Tool –的多台模具,其包含几个处理,诸如穿孔,成型,挤出,和拉伸,以产生变化的高数量的输出。

Prototype –这是建立在试验参数,如容错能力,工具的概念,并制造的最初产品。原型通常构成了未来产品的基础。

Pull Down –在刺穿材料的边缘由于金属的塑性变形产生的圆形轮廓。当冲头刺穿金属,在孔的上方的材料中所施加的力的方向流动。一个lso known as roll over.

穿孔块- - - - - -置工具或按压构件之间插入的金属支柱支撑滑动件和上模的重量。修理或维护时,按模具模块通常被用来作为一种安全措施。块逮捕在于,制动或平衡故障的情况下的上模具的运动。也被称为模块或安全块。

Punch Holder –一个part that contains the top die and serves to provide rigidity. The top die is typically mounted in the punch holder.

Punch Press –冲床或机械动力压机是一台机器传送压缩力即切,形式,或通过利用附接至或通过滑动操作的模具组装金属部件。

冲边 -的区域,通过该冲头进入所述材料。在的穿孔功能方面,冲头侧通常位于毛刺侧相对。

Punching Dampers –短行程被系统组织,旨在减少震动,并在冲孔操作吸收增加的负荷吨位液压缸。


Quick Change Inserts –部件或可以在不脱离按整个工具的提取被改变的工具的部分。

Quick Die Change (QDC) –一个system employed to decrease die transition time, i.e., the reduction of upper and lower die clamping time. A QDC system consists of a hydraulic tank and pump unit and usually includes moving bolsters or die carts, automatic die clamps, and preprogrammed controls.


[Rerolling –通过该特定的厚度的控制和在该材料改进的饰面被实现的方法。再轧一般在冷轧过程中的最后一个操作。

[Restriking –[Restriking is an operation that involves the sharpening of radii, form, or detail in an already formed area of the part. It can also be defined as the finishing of forming features that could not be attained in the prior operation.

反向绘图 -Ťhe process of redrawing sheet metal parts, resulting in the sheet metal being drawn in the opposite direction to the first draw. During reverse drawing, the intermediate part is flipped over prior to being placed on the die for the upcoming operation.

[Reverse Tonnage –一个n event that occurs during flat type blanking or piercing operations when a large amount of forward tonnage is rapidly released. Reverse tonnage or snap thru results in significant damage to the stamping press.

索具 -一个system of ropes, cables, chains, and various equipment and/or vehicles employed to move, unload, and assemble presses at their final location.

[Roundness –Ťhe degree to which the shape of an object is circular.

[Run Out Flange –设计者工具来吸收公差累积造成许多成型操作其中部分形成一个功能。


小号crap –Ëxcess or waste material produced by the stamping process. Scrap material is usually recycled.

Shear-to-Feature -过程,通过该股票的边缘被剪切到精确的尺寸从现有的特征。

剪切 -一个切割力的垂直于材料的应用,导致屈服和断裂。

闭合高度 -在冲头和床之间截取的管芯或按尺寸当推杆向下,调整到了。闭合高度通常等于可采取加强考虑时被容纳的最大模高度。

小号lide –作直线往复运动,并可使所述凸模或上模固定压机的一部分。

小号lide Adjustment Device –一个component which consists of a worm shaft and worm gear and enables the die height to be adjusted using a push-button control. The slide adjustment device is motorized and outputs a digital readout.

滑动调整锁定装置 -一个mechanism that prevents unintended change in the press shut height when subjected to heavy stamping loads.

小号lide Forming –一个metal stamping process used in high-volume operations in which a machine consisting of multiple slides performs several operations in sequence.

滑动锁止装置 -一个mechanical device which prevents inadvertent slide movement on hydraulic presses.

小号lide Machines –yabo幸运28金属冲压或金属冲压设备包括施加压力,以形成金属工件的直线往复运动件的。也称为幻灯片出版社。

弹头 -w ^aste material or scrap that is removed from a piercing operation. Slugs are also referred to as punchout.

小号pring Back –形成的材料的部分的反弹由于其弹性特性的发生。

小号pring Clip –Øne-piece fastener that holds inserted components through spring tension and does not easily come loose during vibrations. The strength of a spring clip is directly influenced by factors such as the material used, its thickness, and design.

现货面 -对于硬件(1)的轴承区域是圆形的,并且平坦性的。也称为油底壳。(2)围绕所述孔用于紧固件的平滑区域。

小号quareness –Ťhe degree to which adjacent edges or surfaces are perpendicular.

钢冲压 -General term used to describe a part or component manufactured by a metal stamping machine.

SSD -小号ingle-on-Demand (SSD) is a mode of operation where the press automatically makes a single stroke based on input from upstream or downstream processes. Upon receiving the appropriate signal, the press will make a single stroke and stop.

跑马圈地 -通过该两个或多个部件被通过移动金属在配合部的一小部分放在一起的方法;这导致在所述压缩部件被组装。

冲压 -Cold forming process whereby thin-walled metal parts are punched using a machine or stamping press to form the sheet. Stamping can either occur in a single stage operation or through a series of stages, during which the material is cut or formed through the application of sufficient forces until it obtains its required shape.

冲压件 -Parts that are cut or formed from sheet metal into a required contour.

冲压件 -的一部分或部件通过按压操作或操作的一系列的在金属工件上的作用而产生的。

加强肋 -一个feature which is imprinted in a sheet metal workpiece to increase its rigidity.

小号tretcher Leveled –材料的超过其屈服点拉伸时,通过平坦化的过程中,以实现所需的平坦度公差。

剥标志 -形成于股票的一侧包围压印刺穿空穴作为冲头汽提处理的结果。

小号tripper Plate –一个dual purpose plate, which can be either solid or moveable, used to release the part from the punch. It can also be used as a guidance tool for the stock.

中风 -滑动运动在从完全打开到完全关闭位置,或反之亦然半个周期运动期间发生的垂直平面。

锻造 -Ťhe process by which metal is formed by the swift striking of a large number of blows in succession.


Ťapping –过程,由此内螺纹通过切割或成型生成的任一。

Ť-Slots –小号lots created by machines which are located in the lower bolster and upper slide, that provide a means for attaching die components. T-Slots can be customized in accordance with client specifications.

拉杆 -一个steel rod which is threaded at both ends and utilized for tying sections of dies together or for repairing broken dies. These rods are stretched to place members under a predetermined compressive load.

Ťhroat (Gap) –在按帧,其允许材料的工作空间中的定位的开放空间。它位于滑动中心线的后面。

上死点(TDC) -Ťhe uppermost point on a slide, that is, when the press is at the top of the stroke.

Ťonnage –通过针对在模具与工件压所施加的反作用力。机器的吨位额定容量在滑动件的行程的底部上方一个距离被指定。

Ťool & Die –精密工具或被用来切割,形状和形式的金属的金属形式。它们可以包括模具,按住设备,冲压或钻孔工具,以及计和其它测量装置。

转移 -一个programmed system where a part is moved from one die station to another by mechanical means. This is primarily implemented in operations that need to be performed in a free state.

运输及货运 -Utilization of trucks or other systems to move goods, with the mode of transport being chosen based on the dimensions of the load.

Ťrimming –过量金属上的部分或完全成型件的凸缘或轴向长度的去除。

货运 -移动负载通过使用卡车的外壳quate specifications/dimensions to fit the required load. For loads that are greater in dimension than the assigned truck, permits and escort cars may be required. For presses and heavy loads, flatbed trucks are not recommended due to their high center of gravity.

Ťurret Press –用于从旋转工具保持装置索引的材料和所需要的工具的选择的自动冲床。炮塔印刷机可通过手动或自动装置来操作,并且可以执行过程,例如刺穿,消隐,和形成。


V模 -A型工具中的哪一个与V冲头一起使用。

V冲床 -一个type of tool utilized for angle forming.

振动研磨 -去毛刺过程,其中所需要的部件数量被加速,并且通过机械源内含有研磨介质的鼓状外壳的减速。

w ^

网-(1) The thin material to be punched. (2) The material between two openings or edges.

擦拭模具 - 其形成通过利用两个相对的边缘,由一单数材料厚度断开,移动经过彼此材料的工具。

线形态制造业 -金属部件的制造中,从丝制成,滑动成型机上。

线链接 -一个small cylindrical metal component used to securely splice two or more wires together.



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